Writing a Killer CV for the Digital Age

Writing a CV to get you a job is not the same in 2016 as it was in 2006. The challenge of creating a successful CV is making it stand out from the crowd for the scanning software that are used to narrow down a candidate search. Both employers and recruitment agencies, use it as the main way of sourcing the best candidates for a job, so getting your CV in order for this purpose may significantly increase you chances of getting through the initial screening for a job that you are looking out for. Pasted below are a few tips to facilitate your career growth-
o Industry / Job specific keywords
In today’s job market, a human won’t even look at a resume unless it passes the screening test. Screening software isn’t new. It has been existing for quite some time now. With hundreds of resumes floating in for each opening, no one has the time to sort through all that paper and this is where this screening software (ATS) comes handy. This software does an apple to apple comparison of the candidate’s profile basis the Job Description shared by respective line of Business and as per the benchmarking criteria, one is through the initial screening of the hiring process. Therefore candidates need to tailor their resumes basis the understanding of the job role to prove that they’re the ideal fitment for the position.

o Use it as a Sales Tool
As stated in few of our BLOGS earlier, the CV is an opportunity to sell yourself to the employers. Be specific and include a profile about yourself with your key attributes/core competencies, as this will give the recruiter a feel for what you bring to the table even before they have met you. Try to create early impact because the CV’s which grab their attention are more likely to be reviewed. So don’t waffle – use facts and achievements to sell yourself.

o Quantify your Achievements
Every job has duties, as does the one you are applying for, and these most commonly are listed on the requisition. However, an employer is more interested to hear how you can exceed those duties to help their company grow and excel. Example- “Checked orders and sent out P.O.s” is something unimpressive, as is a common job description. An employer would be more likely to call if you mentioned that you “managed a revenue of $XX million annually. It’s great that you can do the job, but how can you excel? Employers base your potential for future success on your past – wow them.

o Be clear, concise and structured
Your Professional document should be no longer than 2-3 pages. It should be well structured and the flow of information should be appropriate. When writing about your experience or education, put the most recent experience first. Don’t use unconventional fonts, colours, and shading as this would not make your CV stand out for the right reasons.

o LinkedIn Profile
It’s a good idea to include your LinkedIn URL on your CV. Prospective employers can, at a glance, visit LinkedIn to learn more about you and your skills and qualifications. However, you should be sure to fully develop your profile prior to listing your URL. If your profile simply replicates the same information that’s included on your CV, you won’t improve your chances of getting an interview. Also make sure you include a customised URL, shorten it so it’s easy for employers to reach.

o Formatting and Grammar
The most common, and easy-to-spot, flaws in a résumé are in the formatting. Common formatting errors in résumés are inconsistent spacing, randomly colored fonts, misspellings and bad punctuation. Non-essential information, such as marital status, fraternity affiliations, and religious affiliations will most likely hurt a candidate’s résumé. One should take the time to customize résumé (especially the objective if you have one and cover letter for each position you want, and don’t apply to those jobs in which you are not interested. If your resume doesn’t reflect the job they’re hiring for, the only thing you’ve done is waste their 20 seconds.

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