Interview – The crucial first 10 minutes

First impression is the last impression. Studies reveal that the first 10 minutes are very crucial for any interview and it is in these time that an interviewer takes decision of hiring or not hiring.

BIG QUESTION – How do you ensure that the impression that you create is a favourable one?

Don’t Arrive Too Late or Too Early – Be Punctual. It’s always advisable to arrive 10 minutes early than to rush in at the last hour;

Know your Audience – Professionals are well versed with their skill set but that isn’t enough! If you are throwing anecdotes about yourself & have no knowledge of the organization you are interviewed for, you are putting yourself in big trouble. Interviewers want to know that you care to learn about the company in advance. When you make it clear that you researched the company prior to your interview & then decided to move forward, it shows that you think you can be an asset to that company;

Do Dress Appropriately – Project a clean and well groomed appearance. Dress comfortably. Shoes should be polished, pants/skirts and shirts pressed;

Act Professionally – Project a Professional and enthusiastic image in front of the interviewer. Your aim should be to convince the interviewer that you would be an asset to the company going forward and not a liability;

Eye Contact – Make eye contact when you speak. Stand straight, move confidently and sit slightly forward in your chair. Body language is very important and interviewer notices it more than you think;

Good Handshake, key to interview success – Handshake firmly. A firm handshake projects confidence and leaves a lasting impression

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