Influencing others !

It a known fact that you don’t need power to influence others. No matter who you are or where you are, you can make a difference. Mahatma Gandhi’s impact is a testimony to the fact.

He was the one, who touched every Indian’s Heart & through them tried to achieve his objectives. Having said that, in this process, he never compromised on his own principles.
Same goes with organizations as well. A Leader’s success is his ability to driving change, building great teams, deliver results and have strong vision. While individuals success is determined by building relationships, creating a network which in turn help you achieve your goals.

Pasted below are the foundation stones for creating influence:
1. Having substance is essential for creating influence – Having real accomplishments, experience, SME, passion & credibility are the foundation stones by virtue of which one can create influence.
2. Trust – People get influenced & are ready to change only when they trust you & trust happens when you have delivered what you promised, speak from your inner heart and are integral and ethical.
3. Thought leadership accelerates trust and hence influence – When you challenge conventional beliefs, provide new points of view, people start getting engaged and start trusting you.
4.Influence by Actions – The process of influencing others start with an intention to contribute. It is not about what you want to say, but what helps others is important.
5. Commitment along with intention – Influence requires commitment, patience and being persistent over a period of time.
6. Real influence provokes change – Influence is only valuable when it provokes change in how people think; when it inspires them to take required action. It is a common myth that only having an audience and followers means you are influencing others.

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