Using Resume Keywords to Land the Job

Considering today’s job market, Industry keywords are the most important elements of your resume.

Evaluating of Potential using Machine
In today’s job market, a human won’t even look at a resume unless it passes the screening test. Screening software isn’t new. It has been existing for quite some time now. What employers are looking for is a good-to-perfect fit between the job requirements and the candidate. With hundreds of resumes floating in for each opening, no one has the time to sort through all that paper and this is where this screening software comes handy. This software does an apple to apple comparison of the candidate’s profile basis the Job Description shared by respective line of Business and as per the bench marking criteria, one is through the initial screening of the hiring process. Therefore candidates need to tailor their resumes basis the understanding of the job role to prove that they’re the ideal fitment for the position.

What are Keywords?
Keywords are nouns or noun phrases that describe what the position requires. For an accountant that may be knowledge and/or skill in accounts payable, accounts receivables, reconciliations, tax returns, etc.
Customizing your resume with keywords that are unique to your industry and are found in the job description is one way to ensure that a human might have a look at your background.
Please ensure that we don’t make the mistake of repeating Keywords as scanning software is set up to find these kind of repetition(s) and to reject an applicant.

Tips for Using Keywords:

To make certain your resume will meet with the software’s approval and eventually the hiring manager’s, please ensure to follow these guidelines:
1. Use keywords unique to your industry and those found in the job posting. The ones in the posting are the most important.
2. Don’t repeat anything verbatim from the posting. Revise until the words are yours. Otherwise, you’ll be rejected by the system.
3. We need to ensure that certain keywords are highlighted on the top – the opening summary is ideal. Don’t wait to include them in the last job listing on consecutive pages. The sooner the software finds the matches, the more certain a hiring manager will actually look at your resume.

Happy Job Hunting !!

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