Basic Resume Rules !

There are certain basic rules, but they all seem to get broken constantly. All of these should be obvious to someone looking out for a change but it has been observed that every job seeker has a moment when they forgot these important resume rule(s).
Pasted below are few obvious forgotten resume rules:

• Always proofread!
This is the most basic rule one can imagine, and yet it has been violated so many times.
• Remember to attach your resume
Don’t send a wonderful email and forget to attach your resume.
• Keep it simple
Keep the language simple. You might be a rocket scientist waiting to impress the world with your jargon, but the HR manager reading your resume isn’t. List your qualifications in industry-wide, simple terms.

• Tell the truth, Don’t Lie
Without preaching the 10 Commandments, make sure your resume offers the facts first. Be honest about responsibilities, positions, and length of employment while emphasizing cold, hard facts.

• Don’t include the reference list
Unless the employer is actually asking for a reference, do not include references.

Here are a few don’ts which are harmful for your resume:
 Limit your resume to one page. This is an outdated practice. Instead, focus on a resume that properly reflects your career goals and achievements.
Organize your resume in categories. It’s confusing. Don’t make your reader work for it. They shouldn’t have to attempt to discern your organizational methodology.
Put your educational background at the top. Employers want to see your experience. Only recent college graduates should place their educational background at the top of a resume.

I am sure, the above rules will help you go a long way towards impressing a prospective employer & getting pass through in an interview. Please remember, your resume is your first impression. It should sparkle, or at the very least, glimmer a little bit.


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