How to appear more confident at your Interview !

We all are nervous during our job interviews… its natural. You just don’t want to look nervous! To appear cool, calm & confident during an interview, pasted below are few tips:

1. Make sure your pockets are empty before you go – Now, you won’t be able to jingle the change in your pockets as you answer questions and discuss your candidature, thereby avoiding distraction to the person conducting the interview.

2. Sit with your back against the back of the chair and both feet firmly on the ground – By doing this, you are unlikely to slouch or bounce your legs and feet, which are signs of being uncomfortable.
 3. Clasp your hands and rest them in front of you as you answer interview questions – This helps staying focused & you won’t be tempted to pick at your resume or tap your pen etc. It also gives your shoulders a chance to relax. The more relaxed you are, the more confident you’ll be seen.

4. Maintain eye contact as you answer questions – If you are not comfortable looking directly into the interviewer’s eyes, imagine a gold star placed right between his eyes and look there. You’ll appear as if you are looking the interviewer in the eyes, even if you are not.

5. Smile – You don’t have to show your whites all the time or be overly excited with your smile; but a friendly smile will help you relax and put the interviewer at ease, too!

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