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Once you’ve landed much awaited interview call, be sure to prepare in advance. Most of the professional do a thorough research on the company before the big day. Despite all your efforts to make a good impression, you may be sabotaging your own job search with something seemingly harmless: Body language.
Body language plays a very vital role and speaks volumes about your attitude and mindset. While we all try to impress prospective employer by our accomplishments but your interviewer will most likely remember you by your body language, whether they realize it or not.

Pasted below are few tips that would help to get insights into how your posture, gestures and appearance influence your image and create impression in a job interview.

1. The Handshake
A handshake seems like a minor detail, and occurs within the first few moments of the interview but it lays the foundation for your first impression. The handshake should be strong, hold a complete grasp of the hand, and should be accompanied by eye contact and a smile.
Be conscious of yourself during this interaction—never wipe your hand off on your pants, which you may do without thinking. It conveys that you find the person unclean.

2. Exude confidence
Don’t let your nerves get the best of you on the big day. Prepare as much as possible ahead of time to avoid interview jitters. To reflect this confidence in your body language, keep your positioning open. Walk into the interview room with shoulders back and your head held high. Once seated avoid crossing your arms, as its considered “defensive” and “closed-off”. Instead lean forward with your hands folded on the desk. Smile and maintain steady eye contact with the interviewer to demonstrate your confidence.

3. A calm composure
A calm and relaxed demeanor goes hand-in hand with your confidence. Fidgeting in the interview may be an unconscious effort on your part, but it certainly won’t go unnoticed by the interviewer. In fact, it is likely to divert the interviewer’s attention away from what you’re saying. It also conveys your anxieties rather than your confidence. Take deep breaths throughout the interview. Sit up straight to breathe fully through the stomach.

4. Be positive from the inside out
Another body language tip is to think positively. Try walking into the interview with a smile. A smile will go a long way in an interview setting, but if it is too forced, it will actually have an adverse effect on the interviewer. By thinking positive thoughts, you’ll increase your positive body language. A smile will build trust between the interviewer and yourself. It makes you appear interested and approachable. It also demonstrates your ease and confidence during the interaction.

5. Engage & connect
An interview is a chance to make a connection and be memorable to the interviewer. You can better engage with the interviewer with your body language. For this body language tip, listen to what the interviewer says and show that you’re listening by nodding. When asked a question, feel free to pause for a moment to think rather than jumping into an automatic response mode.

6. Professionalism
While it’s good to be personal in your interview, don’t let your professionalism go off as a result. One of the easiest ways to follow this body language tip is to dress the part. Look “put together,” but be sure you’re comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. If you brought papers to the interview, have them organized and ready to be laid on the table so you don’t have to shuffle through your handbag and risk coming across as unorganized.
No matter how the interview went, finish it with another strong handshake. Thank the interviewer for their time before your departure.

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