Interview Tips

Interview Tips
As we all are aware that many organizations today conduct telephonic interviews to help identify the best candidature for the job. Having said that, it becomes more important for Professionals to make great impression in the initial screening of the telephonic round to lead you to in-person interview & finally closer to your job.

Pasted below are some tips for Do’s & Don’ts during telephonic interviews –

Phone Interview – Do’s

• Be prepared for the interview by compiling a list of your strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments & answers to typical interview questions.
• Use your resume as a reference document while speaking about your work experience.
• Take the interview in a quiet place alone—turn off all those things that might be distracting you. Have a pen and paper handy to take notes.
• Think about the question asked and, then, respond speaking slowly and clearly.
• Tone plays an important role during the telephonic interview therefore Smile during the interview to have a positive tone in your voice.
• Sending a thank-you note after the phone interview to the interviewer reiterates your interest in the position and hence important to have a personal touch.

Phone Interview – Don’ts

• Smoke, eat or chew gum during the interview.
• Ramble—make sure that you answer what is being asked. Your answers should be short, direct and to the point.
• Interrupt the interviewer when he or she is speaking – Most of us stop the interviewer in between and try asking questions. Please understand that you have your own time to answer interrupting in between is not a healthy sign at all.
• Bad-mouth former employers

In-person Interview – Do’s

  1. Prepare for the interview by researching the company and the people with whom you will be meeting.
  2. Practice responding to typical interview questions and relating your answers to the company.
  3. Be familiar with the job description, and focus on the competencies of the job when answering questions.
  4. Dress appropriately for the job—when in doubt, wear a suit.
  5. Bring several copies of your resume with you to the interview.
  6. Arrive 15 minutes early to become relaxed and complete any forms, if necessary.
  7. Stay calm and take a few moments to think about the question before responding.
  8. Ask for clarification if you are not sure what is being asked.
  9. Send a thank-you note to each person with whom you have interviewed to reiterate your interest in the position.

In-person Interview – Don’ts

  1. Provide too much information—keep your answers short and to the point; however, make sure to fully answer the questions.
  2. Bad-mouth previous employers.

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