Inappropriate Remarks during an Interview costing the job!

Interview is the most challenging part of the job search process. One needs to be ready for any such interview questions. Pasted below are some inappropriate remarks that can ruin all your efforts down during your interview:

1. I am nervous – It’s natural. Don’t let the interviewer know that you have butterflies in your stomach. You won’t win any points by blaming them for any failures in your interview performance;

2. I don’t know about the role – This is a big mistake, and can cost you the opportunity. Employers spend a lot of time interviewing, and expect candidates to have done their homework well prior applying. Before attending the interview, one should be clear with the role by going through the job description in detail & reading about the company online;

3. Criticizing previous boss/colleague/client – There can be time when interviewer would probe about your previous/current Manager or work culture. Don’t badmouth anyone. It is highly unprofessional and the prospective employer will worry what you may say to someone about him or her down the line. Best is to think about the ways to describe past work in terms of your accomplishments you’re proud to discuss.

4. Highlighting your Weakness (something directly related to the job). “What’s your weakness?” is one of the most dreaded interview questions. There’s no perfect reply, but choose a weakness not related to the position directly and explain how you’re working to improve it.

5. Can I work from home – You might be aware that organization has work-from-home policy, but the interview isn’t the best time to ask about it.

6. Family is the most important thing to me. This is true for almost all of us but you do not need to explain how devoted you are to your family during your interview. Rather you would want your potential employer to envision you being totally devoted to his or her needs.

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