How to select right Career & Company ?

How to select right career & company ?
Selecting a career from so many options is really tough. However, if all the factors are looked upon properly, one will find selecting a career and company quite easily.
The very first thing is to have a well designed ‘Resume’. Follow the steps below to make right choice of your career:
1. Analyze all the job options you have
2. Understand what’s the requirement from candidature’s perspective
3. Understand in detail the roles/responsibilities & match it with your resume
4. Select the careers which you’ll enjoy
5. Very Importantly, Analyze your future in that career after 5 years. If this satisfy your goals/career objective, then select that particular career.

Follow the steps below to make right choice of company:
1. Analyze the company and its scale. The bigger the company, higher is its scale
2. Analyze how far can you go in that company basis the hierarchy and the position offered
3. Compare the salary offered
4. Analyze the position that you wish to achieve after 5 years in your career, and see if that is possible in that company. In case yes, you should select that.
However it has been observed that most people in the absence of finding a job settles for the company and career that provides them a break through. If you don’t want yourself to experience the same, the remedy is to have a well crafted and properly written resume helping get job offers that fulfills your requirement.

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