Resume Tips to Sell Yourself

Anyone involved in a job search is just like selling your credentials (in the right spirit). It’s important for everyone to understand that your resume is marketing tool for what you want the company to buy – and that’s YOU!

Take an honest look at your existing Resume. Does your resume talk too much about what you are looking for and not enough about what your ROI to the company may be? Don’t include an objective/benefit you hope to obtain from the position. The potential employer wants to hire someone who can be a value add & contribute in the overall growth of the organization.
For an effective resume, one needs to demonstrate key strengths rather than telling about them. You want your explanation to describe your strengths and present your ability to add value in a way that only you can deliver!

You have to grab the hiring manager’s attention in those first few words, so make them count! Be certain to highlight your unique strengths and accomplishments instead using objective at the top of your resume. Use Industry key words in this area.

Please ensure to back up this introduction with the relevant details that tell your story. Before sending it out, try reading it as if it was not your personal history. Are you able to tell what your target position is from the resume? Are you the right fitment for the role basis the JD and the profile that you have created? We all know that there is not enough space to tell complete history in the resume but it needs to be a brief sales pitch that’s effective enough to impress the prospective employer so that they shortlist and call you for Personal interview.

Please ensure that your resume should not be having too many bullets and description? You should always keep in mind the sales points you want your resume to communicate to the reader as you revise your documents. Marketing experts know that the message has to be consistent and targeted to be remembered. Apply the same strategy to your resume to create the impression you want.

Is your resume unique in how it presents your career progression? Hiring managers want to hear your story and a demonstration of your achievements. They are not looking for a story-book – no visual aids required!

Finally, show that you have the range to meet the basic needs described in the position qualifications, as well as the strategies necessary to deliver. Make certain that your resume communicates your potential value to the employer. Use your research on the position and the company to align your strengths with their needs. With the right marketing in your resume, there will be no question that you are the ONLY candidate who can meet their requirements. The hiring manager will be picking up the phone to call you after reading your Resume…I can assure you that !!

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