Getting Your CV Noticed

Your CV is your most important weapon to attract the recruiters. You need to create it in such a way that it impresses the interviewers & help you with the 1st level of screening.
Please remember that almost all the companies these days uses Internet as a medium to search for candidates. Therefore it becomes more important to have your CV keyword rich, thereby enhancing your chances to get pass through in an interview. Making your CV search engine friendly is important as there are thousands of candidates applying their candidature for the same position.

Optimizing your CV in the job portals is like search engine optimizing. And similarly you will have to optimize the keyword of your CV to win the race to get noticed.

Optimizing Your Resume
To optimize your CV, you need to make a strategy. You need to cling to more keywords than longer sentences. If you are trying to be found for the content writing job, make sure to use the phrase content writer more than once in your CV. If you simply state that you are a writer and looking for writing job, you will minimize the chance of attracting recruiters.

Now the question is where will you use the keyword? You can use it in job title. While registering for the job portal you will find a space which asks you to include your technical skill. Use the keywords there. While detailing your educational qualification, make sure to keep it short and simple.

When you use the keyword, try to give out the idea that you are a specialist. The recruiters should not have any problem finding the keyword.
Your experience is also relevant while making your CV search engine friendly. Specify the exact years of experience you are having in your area of specialization.

Another way of getting noticed is by including a recommendation page. Those of you are having a blog, make sure to add the link to your CV.
You should remember that search engines assess the HTML codes. These cannot process words. Due to this reason, search engines treat the texts written on the top of the page as important. Use this opportunity and write the keyword on the top of the page.

Getting noticed by the recruiters is an art. You will have to find creative ways of creating your CV. Having said that, please do not be fictitious though !

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