How to prepare for the Big Day (Interview)

Don’t forget Interviewing is an art and you are there to sell yourself and ensure that you are the best fitment for the role. An employer generally looks out for Hard as well Soft/behavioral skills in the candidate & have between 15 minutes to a half hour to figure out what you are all about? The more you can sell yourself in this time, the better your potential for getting hired.

Preparation for interview:

Once you have secured the interview, you should begin to focus on the interview preparation. Please don’t walk into an interview with an assumption that you’ll be able to answer few questions. The employer will often meet with many candidates in order to find few potential employees. Your goal must be to demonstrate your interest and qualifications for the position. Preparation is key!

Interviewers have many expectations of you as a candidate for the potential hire. You must know general information about the position for which you are interviewing. You must also be able to articulate your qualifications and interest. In addition, the employer expects from you to have researched his/her organization and understand the nature of the organization.

Through research and practice, interviewing skills can be perfected. It is a widely known fact that the best candidate does not always get the job. Many qualified candidates are passed over due to lack of interview preparation or an inability to articulate, “fit” for the position. Once you arrive at the interview stage, it is your ability to sell yourself that will help you ensure a job offer.
In my next Blog, I’ll highlight on few proven methods of enhancing your interviewing skills and improving your chances of getting through the employment.

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