6 Tips of working with Career Counselor!

1. Working along with Career Counselor
One of the important things when you opt for Career counseling is to work along with the Counselor. It has been observed that such people come, pay the money and get out of the way expecting the counselor to do all the work. However this doesn’t work. You need to be active & participate, rest assure your experience will be very satisfying.

2. Clarity on what You Want to Achieve?
When I’m working with clients, I often hear them say things like, “I just want to gain focus,” or “I need to get some direction in my life.” Such statements make sense, but as a counseling client, you need to work with your counselor to make your goals more specific.
Why? Without goals:
• It would be too easy for you and your counselor to simply talk and talk and talk without going anywhere.

• You won’t know when you’re done with the counseling process.
So if your counselor doesn’t bring it up (although most will), insist that the two of you develop a plan for your work together. What exactly will you be doing, and why? And how will you know when you’re finished?

3. Be Honest with Oneself
Career counseling is a forum & one should use this time to express what you’re going through, either in your Professional / Academics. Please be aware that if you are honest with the career counselor, higher the chances of you getting through your challenges.

4. Open to Challenges
Most career counselors will offer you support but the best ones would challenge you.
When your career counselor challenges you – for example, by telling you you’re saying one thing but doing another — he isn’t trying to be annoying. He’s trying to help you find truth & help develop a roadmap for your future.

5. Expect Reality!
We all think that a career counselor might have all the answers. They don’t, but they help you work towards finding your own answers. They cant pull them out of a box and hand it over to you & that’s why it becomes more vital to be engaged during the discussion.

6. Be a Smart Consumer
Most of the time, it’s possible that you and the counselor you choose won’t click and it’s nobody’s fault.
Your career counselor can’t help you “to boldly go where no man has gone before. But he can help you explore your options and make informed career decisions if you’re willing to be an equal and sincere participant.

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