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Personalized Service

We assure you of our personalized service at all times. Our writers will have a detailed conversation with you to understand your requirements before kick starting with the work.

Experienced writers

Our resume writers are experienced professionals with decent years of industry experience.


We take utmost care understanding your requirements and are committed to deliver excellent quality service to help you grow in your professional career.

Quick Turn Around Time

A writer is specifically assigned to your requirements & you will receive 1st draft of the CV from us within 3 days of order / information received to ensure you have a great experience.

Return on Investment

Our Service offerings are designed keeping you in mind providing best in class services with highly competitive rates.

Founders Message

First of all, I would like to Thank You so very much for stopping by CV Shapers. This website is created with an aim to assist Professionals in various job related areas wrt CV Writing, Career Counseling and Interview job training & Coaching.

I’ve spent 15 years of my career into various industries and hired people at all levels of their careers into a wide variety of departments, from Finance, to Marketing, to BI and everything in between.  Screening through tens of thousands of resumes, interviewing an enormous number of candidates, and making some really tough hiring decisions came along with the job. I have observed few candidates coming in and really “nailing it”  while others knock themselves out of the running with a few simple mistakes. I firmly believe that the job search and interview process should be approached in a manner we are preparing for a test.  At the end of the day, you have to be qualified for a job.

There is a lot of information on these topics – what to do and what not to do.  My goal is to assist professionals in their end to end career solutions.

We aim to continue to be a firm with consistently strong growth, providing consumers with easy-to-use, optimal services.

I hope you’ll follow along as you go through your job search, let me know what your big questions are, and become the best candidate you can possibly be.  

Thank you for reading!

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Many resume sites have testimonial pages. But have you ever wondered if the testimonials on these websites are real? Or recent?
We don’t want you to wonder. If you want to read some of the testimonials we’ve accumulated over sometime, please do so. But don’t take our word for it. Read our Facebook page and see what our customers say about us, in their own words and in real time.