Devin Subbarao, Malaysia

I received my Curiculum Vitae and Cover Letter ontime but took time for linked in since departure of one of the cofounder and finally i received it.My resume before changes with Cv shapers was something like I applied for jobs and no reply at all from employers or i am not suitable for a positions.After I done my resume with Cv Shapers i am receiving constructive feedback like my application under review ,considering my application for the position and remaining only some of the reviews like i am not suitable for the position with only 4 out of 100.mostly i applied waiter position from Jumeirah Hotel Groups and with some other hotels.I am getting replied from employers but no interview call yet.Since i am very confident with their service ,I have requested them to find me a suitable career within Hotel Industry as Jumeirah,Hilton,Sheraton ,Kempinski and many big 5 star hotels .Even though some charges apply,I believe positive chances on getting a suitable careers are there and i suggest everyone purchase the job search service with them to avoid delays in job search .I believe you may get faster results from cv shapers since they are professional.I was given 60 days time to find job for me in middle east and hope all works well.I wish good luck for cvshapers to grow further .If i get job within the given time by Cvshapers i will definately recommend it to my friends in Malaysia and other westerners friends because most of them looking for opportunity abroad like Dubai,Middle East and South East Asia.For now i am recommending it here in Facebook and i think this organisation provides good value for money compared to other cv professional writing services.Regards,Devin Subbarao,Malaysia

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