• How important is a CV?

    The short listing of candidates is done on the basis of your resume. On an average a Curriculum Vitae will receive no more than 20 seconds consideration from a Recruiter. In that time it needs to make an impact. Therefore, to get someone to look at it, it must quickly convey your capabilities & competence. So we should not leave it to chance. Get a Professional CV designed.
  • How do I know if I need a professional CV?

    There can be ‘n’ number of reasons that you have not received the response for the role you applied your credentials for – 

    • The Profile might not contain the information that a Recruiter is looking out;
    • CV / Resume is not in line to what is required from candidature perspective.

    If the answer to these questions is NO, you need a professional CV.

  • There are many writing firms to choose from – why should I use CV Shapers?

    We believe that we offer unique, cost effective and end to end career solutions.  All of our consultants have 10+ years expertise in the recruitment field, are up to date on the competitive nature of the marketplace and know exactly what employers, recruitment firms and ‘head hunters’ are looking out for in terms of format and content.
  • What happens once I place my order?

    Once your order has been placed, one of our consultants will contact you by telephone to arrange a suitable consultation time with you over Skype / Whatsapp and have a discussion in length on your credentials and career roadmap you want to explore going forward.
  • Who will design my resume?

    Our technical team will design your resume. Your resume will be processed through 4 levels before draft delivery. 
  • How long does it take to create my CV?

    As a part of the Process, we request professionals to send across their profile (As-Is) to us at support@cvshapers.com. Team gives it a due consideration and then request you for your time over the Skype/Telephone, preferably 45 minutes to understand your profile in length & then kick start with the Writing process. TAT for the draft release is 3 days
  • Why must I make a payment before I have received my CV?

    The reason why we take payment up front is twofold –

    Firstly because the in-depth telephone consultation which you will have with one of our consultants lasts 45 minutes or so and makes up part of the fee

    Secondly, because this eliminates the possibility of someone cancelling on the day of the consultation, or not making the consultation at all and taking up a valuable time slot which could have been used to assist another clients.

  • What happens once I have received my first draft?

    The TAT is 3 working days for the draft to hit your inbox.  Basis the inputs shared by you on the draft, our consultant will then arrange a second telephonic conversation, at a time convenient to you and discuss amendments and additions you would like to make before sending you the final version.
  • What happens if I am not happy with the draft CV?

    In the highly unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the draft CV provided in terms of content or layout, please feel free to reach out to our founder at bhawana@cvshapers.com, who will personally ensure that the issues are resolved and the document is amended until you are completely happy with the outcome.
  • Why should I share my LinkedIn credentials for updating LinkedIn Profile?

    The credentials that you share are solely for Professional use and that’s the reason, team sends across a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to the client stating we are using it for getting your updated version reflected over LinkedIn and an email is immediately sent to the client saying “you can change your password” once we are through with the work.
  • What is the success rate for getting a job if I avail of your services?

    Using our services, it’s expected that your chances of securing a job increases. We do not claim that success is guaranteed. Getting a job depends on a number of factors & having an effective resume is one of them.
  • What is the guarantee in case someone opts for Placement assistance?

    Placement Process at CV Shapers is a 2 way approach –

    Firstly, using our own Professional counterparts and exploring opportunities for client

    Secondly, using the LinkedIn credentials.

    As you know, we are not into GUARANTEED PLACEMENT, we are a CATALYST, trying to facilitate your career exploration and try to put the best foot forward to get an opportunity /role for you in the corporate world.

  • Is it safe to pay over your site?

    We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) inscription technology which ensures that all transactions are secure. We do not save customer’s financial information.
  • How can I find out what your clients have to say about you?

    There are two ways of doing this; either click onto our Testimonials page on our website or make a connection with us on LinkedIn and see our professional profile and recent endorsements and recommendations.

    Not found the answer you were looking for?

    Please contact us on +91 82669 28736, 93199 28736 and one of our consultant will be happy to discuss your query in length over the telephone.